Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Journal 52 week 3


The prompt for this week was 'what makes you smile' now obviously a lot of things do, but what i enjoy more than anything is absolute peace. Those of you that know me already know i don't have the telly or radio on at home when i am on my own and i find this makes me feel much calmer and more peaceful, bonkers eh??

So here is what i did this week

I use my Derwent artbars and portfolio pastels for this as i haven't used them for a while.

Thanks for looking


  1. Wondered what you were up to. Loving it. So satisfying to express a mood in art. You hit the spot with it and the circles and colours work perfectly. Bet that was food for the soul creating it. Lovely. X

  2. Gorgeous ArT Emma, LOVING how you combined both mediums together. Portfolios give such a soft and ethereal background, Inktense Artbars are amazing & makes the bold circles a wonderful contrast.

    Agree about peace & quiet, glad you got some today:-) xxx

  3. WOW this looks fabulous and your choice of colours is very calming and soothing

    Great page - love it

    Sam xxx

  4. Love this page Emma!! love peace and quiet too lol so know how you feel!!
    The colours are beautiful, great page!! xx


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