Tuesday, 21 January 2014

21 Secrets

Last year i was lucky enough to win a place on 21 Secrets live, i finally got round to watching the first video and the title was 'begginnings'. i have also been looking at The Documented Life project but not sure its for me, but their technique this week was to write on a page and then obscure everything except one word, i thought this idea might be good for my 'beginnings page' only i chose 4 words!

i used black pain to block out my writing, i then coloured some grunge paste with Dylusions inks and put it through a stencil, i think the GP was a bit too runny as it has bled under the stencil but i enjoyed myself anyway.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Oooh great idea, your grunge paste looks so vibrant with you using the Dylusion sprays and fab choice of stencil too.

    Sam xx

  2. What a brill idea the black really shows off the colours pretty colours love it x

  3. Do u think u cld do same with less ink and still tint GP? Colour looks vibrant so cld be possible. Fab effect. :)

  4. Really need that stencil it is so beautiful! Dylusions Inks are like food colouring u only need 1 drop as they are so juicy... Love your tinted GP the feathers such a pop against the black page :-)


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