Sunday, 3 April 2016

powertex (finally)

I have finally cracked the seal on the bottle of powertex i bought back in Scotland!

I had an idea surrounding Easter and making a nest with a large egg in it, i wanted to combine the powertex with another technique i had fallen in love with, but you know what they say about the best laid plans etc...........................

So here is my project minus the egg!!

Once the project was dry i lightly dry brushed some colour on using my finabair opal magic paints, the light is poor here today so they dont show very well. I would like to link up to the PaperArtsy blog for their fabric medium challenge

Thursday, 10 March 2016

A Fabulous Weekend

Last weekend i was lucky enough to get to tick the final artist of my 'bucket list' . When my friend Sue, who runs fabulous classes at Art Workshops asked for suggestion of who she could get over to teach i had no hesitation in recommending Marta Lapowska

 funnily enough Sue had already been in contact with her so my fate was sealed!

I have long been a stalker of Marta and her fabulous creations and i was very excited by the prospect of actually having lessons from her.

We started on Friday night with a journal page, now these would be the last colours i would ever choose to work with but i still love the outcome

Saturday we made an altered book,

and a couple of pages inside

Sunday was about the 'small art' and i actually took a few in progress photos

then add a bit of colour (again not my favourite but now i have some of Finnabair new paints i may try it again in colours that are more me)
And finally there is a scrap book page that i have somehow managed to relocate to someone elses house, but here it is in progress
the plan is to put this lovely little face on it
i may have made a few purchases while i was there too, but some of it was a belated birthday present too so its not as bad as it looks, honestly
So finally thanks to /Sue for organising another fabulous weekend and thanks to the lovely Marta for being so encouraging