Thursday, 16 May 2013

Time Flies

I created this journal page because i realised how much time i waste every day, i often feel like my whole day is wasted and its time i wont ever get back again.

I knew i wanted the colours to be quite subdued as this suits my mood very well at the moment. I used distress paints in weathered wood, broken china and picket fence on top of some grunge paste applied through a stencil. I then added some weathered wood into a mini mister and added some black ink and water and sprayed blobs and allowed them to run,

I stamped some circles in distress in and then some clock faces using a versafine pad, i then used my Tim Holts rub ons to add some detail. The clock face is a maya road one that i sprayed with ink to tone it in to the colour scheme more, i painted the wings and then used a script stamp with white ink to stamp. I chose not to put hands on the clock.

Finally i coloured some wooden scrabble tiles with distress inks, they all took the ink a bit differently but i quite like the effect actually.


  1. Wow Mrs, you're on a real roll her - well done - lovely page and the rub ons are fab aren't they, very impressed.

    Sam xxx

  2. Look at you go.... love it, Emma.

  3. Emma this is lovely..great colour but don't feel blue...Love the page!!!

  4. This is really good Emma! I'm always more of a subdued colour person by choice but try to use more dramatic colours for most of the things I make which is a bit daft really. I love the scrabble tiles and all the subtle stuff going on in the background. Awesome page!

    BTW I can empathise completely with feeling like you've wasted your day........ seems to happen more and more to me recently! I need a swift foot in the rear end I think, lol!

    Lesley Xx


Thank you for your comment, just let me check its a nice one before i publish it! lol