Saturday, 27 April 2013

Pure plagiarism!!


Today i found mysely with a whole day to craft and actually in the mood to do so, let me tell you that this is a rare occurance!

Firstly i needed to make a card for an old work colleague of mine who has been going through a tough time, i dont make cards very often now so this was a challenge. i used one of my unity stamps as i felt the sentiment was particularly pertinent.

Next up i wanted to have a go with some of the Paperartsy crackly tissue that's now as rare has hens teeth but the lovely Sam had sent me some to have a go with. Now here is where the plagiarism comes in, what i did with it is almost a direct copy of what Sam did on her blog, to see Sam's original project check here. I have checked with her that its okay for me to blog this piece and unlike some people Sam's motto is 'share and share alike' and was flattered that i liked her piece enough to copy, sorry gain inspiration from!!

I used a Paperartsy hanger for the background and covered it with pink paint, i then applied paperartsy crackle over followed by a layer of vintage lace fresco (think i need more practise on the crackle paint front), I then stamped one of my favourite Lynne Perrella stamps onto the infamous crackly tissue, the image didn't stamp properly but i didn't want to waste it so used it anyway. I coloured the image on the back and then covered the whole back with white acrylic paint to make the image stand out more i then cut the image out as close to the edge as i could.

I layered the image onto some pink tissue i have, wet the edges to tear it then applied some inky pool fresco around the torn edges, i then stuck this to the hanger.

I painted the shrine top and stamped with a script stamp onto it and rubbed some guilding wax into the edges, i then stuck this onto the image.

I used a die cut 'inspire' and painted it then embossed it with frantage shabby embossing powder and stuck this onto the hanger. Finally i used more of the guilding wax to go round some of the edges of the hanger itself.

And finally.......

A journal page, not done one in a while but i was inspired by Helen's make today using only one colour as the background, here is Helen's page using the fabulous cherry pie, while she claims its red it looks mighty pink to me!

Anyway i thought i would choose a different colour for me and i tend not to use blue very much so i opted for the dylusions calypso teal.

i used the same ghosting technique that Helen used then chose this unusual stamp all the way from the USA featuring the pens with the wings on, i seem to have a bit of a thing about wings lately! i then used some ink and the dog stamps with keys and locks on to fill in some of the gaps.

I stamped the wings in white then stamped them again, slightly off centre and embossed with frantage teal aged embossing powder.

To finish it off i used one of my new liquitex inks to make drips down the page.

Thanks to my wonderful crafty pals for their inspiration.

I need a either a glass of wine or a lay down now!!


  1. You really have been a busy bee today. Fab pieces, but then your work always is. Jax xx

  2. Wow Emma, you don't craft for ages and then you come up with 3 very different and such beautiful things!! I haven't done anything apart from my cherry pie page, (thanks for the name check) but I intend to have a glass of wine too!! Cheers...

  3. Gosh you have had a productive day haven't you, with fabulous results. You'll have to send John and Misty out more often!!!

    Love the card, it is very you. Very pretty and elegant with a touch of class.

    Obviously I love the hanger, and please feel free to take any inspiration you need/want to from my blog, that's what it's there for!! It doesn't look like it didn't stamp properly, and you can't tell now that it's all coloured in anyway.

    Fab journal page, I'm not a lover of blue either, but this looks great and glad that you got to try out your new Cass Art liquitex inks too. Sometimes less is more and just using the 3 colours really makes it pop.

    Hope you have another productive inky day soon.

    Sam xxx

  4. Blimey you have been most productive. I on the other hand have been stuck updating admin spreadsheets. Know what I'd rather be doing! Playing like u!

  5. Three gorgeous projects, all different but all fabulous.

  6. Wow ... I thought you had lost your mojo! Well if it's gone and you do work like this!!! Blimey Emma!
    As for the copying.. Both are so different but so alike. Just pretend you were both in the same class.. Therefore they would be the same haha!
    I say cherry pie is pink too... But maybe it's just we see the pink in everything more than non pinkies haha!
    Well done you xxx

  7. Blimey you've been a busy bee Emma!! your card is lovely very pretty..the hanging is great and your page is great I love blue!! As for sharing isn't that what all crafters do :)

  8. What a fab day you must have had because your projects are smashing! I'm sure your friend will love the card, that sentiment is brilliant. The hanging and the journal page are wonderful too and well done for using a colour you wouldn't normally choose. I know how hard that is!

    Lesley Xx


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