Monday, 15 April 2013


I wont comment on how long it is since i blogged, fair to say its been a while again.

As some of you may know things have been a little tough for me recently so when my mate Sam suggested a trip to London to visit the craft show at Alexandra Palace, i thought why not. As the time got closer i got more and more nervous about the trip and all the people i would meet and sharing a room with Sam lol!!

Anyway here are the photos i took, not as many as most i know!
Gabrielle, Sam and Helen

Lily putting us all on Ustream!


Sam, Alison, Hazel and Helen
After the show we met up with the lovely Leandra, Millie and Mark from Paperartsy in the bar afterwards.

And last but not least, my goodies.

I had a great day, thank you to everyone who said hello.

On the Sunday Sam and i headed to Cass Art in Islington, surprisingly Sam managed to get us there without any problems, it was such a lovely day that we had brunch ouside in the sunshine

Needless to say more purchases were made

All in all a great weekend.


  1. It was lovely to finally meet you Emma, after all these months of tweeting... Love the photos (except for me, of course, I never like my photos...) and your stash goodies... hope you get to play with them all soon.

  2. Thank you for looking after me and getting me from A to B and having faith in following me to Cass Art and most of all, putting me on the train home - lol.

    I hope sharing a room and spending 2 and a half days with me, 2 evening meals and breakfast wasn't too stressful for you. Or was that the excuse for all the wine?

    Hope we can do something together again soon.

    Sam xxx

  3. Was so lovely to meet you at the weekend and have your company too:) Love all the pics and the stash ... errr where was I when all the pics were getting taken lol. xx

  4. So glad you had a fab time, I know what you mean about feeling nervous beforehand. I was really nervous when I went to the Crafty Boots meet up in MK. But as we know we are all just as lovely in real life!! Take care Zo xx

  5. It was really great to meet you Emma. Nice to put a face to a name. Hope we meet up again soon. Great pictures. Michelle x

  6. Well i loved our little natter in the bar. Even tho the topic if conversation was not partic normall lol. Was great to chill out and have a proper catch up!! Next time ill stay in London with the girls I reckon!!

  7. What a lovely post Emma. I was sooooo envious catching all the tweets, etc., from you girls, followed by reports from my three best crafting buddies who were also there. I was kicking myself for not going, lol!

    Lesley Xx


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