Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Tims June tag

Hi all,

I ma spending a couple of days at my friend Sam's house and first on the list of things to be made was Tim's June tag.

Here is my attempt, it may have a few extra additions such as teeth mark courtesy of Sam's dog Fraz who clearly wanted to be included in the crafting fun so stole my tag and wouldn't let it go.

We also played with some memory glass which I learnt is just a posh term for a microscope slide!

Finally I had a lesson in blending Paperartsy paints.

Thanks for looking


  1. Ahhh dear, you know Fraz, he likes to be in!!!

    Great makes and we had fun didn't we!!!

    Roll on tomorrow!!!

    Sam xxx

  2. Fab projects and I didn't notice the teeth marks. Hope you're having good clean fun NOT!!!

  3. Wow productive days work, all projects look great xo

  4. You did get lots done, I don't believe you're a slow crafter at all! Particularly love the Tim tag!!

  5. Some fun was clearly had by all! I do love your June tag :-)


  6. Teeth marks are apparently "the" latest craze! Love it, the colours are really lovely.


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