Friday, 2 May 2014

Michelle Webb Class

Last Saturday i went along to Art From the Heart to attend a canvas class by the very talented Michelle Webb, i took some photos of us and on everyone one Michelle said she looked drunk!!

We did lots of painty and inky stuff and i was particularly impressed with the use of florist foam and plaster of paris to make the heart, but as usual i didn't get my canvas finished at the class, i was then at work for the next few days but finally got round to finishing it.

the wings are made of fabric and tissue paper which i stamped in purple script, i am very pleased with this and it may well find its way onto my wall.


  1. Awwwwwww, it's really beautiful Emma. Not surprised that it's going on the wall it's magical. Xx

  2. STUNNING canvas Emma, love everything about it, so ethereal and restful. Glad you are hanging this beautiful creation on your wall :-) xxx

  3. Thats a great piccie of you and Michelle!! your canvas is beautiful Emma xx

  4. Love the canvas, and what a fab photo of you with Michelle!

  5. That is beautiful Emma x


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