Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Me and my clever ideas!!

I saw this design seed colour swatch and though how lovely the colours were on it,

I thought they would transfer really well onto a craft project, so i challenged Sam use any/all of these colours on anything but a tag, i also wanted her to use a flower as i knew this would be tough for her!

Well i don't know about tough for her but i really struggled! I wanted to work in my journal as i hadn't used it in a while.

Here is my effort

I use sage for the background, and used some sepia archival through a stencil, i achieved the caramel colour by using some 7gypsies tissue paper i had.

The flowers are by Paperartsy and i coloured them with a mix of distress pens and an adirondack caramel ink pad.

I had real trouble finding a match for the grey colour so i used a cloudy blue adirondack ink pad for the words which read 'challenge yourself'

Believe me this was certainly a challenge!


  1. Emma this is great!!! Really like your colour combo and the flowers look lovely xx

  2. But it's lovely - it doesn't look as if it was a struggle. Don't you hate it when you set a challenge and then can't do it yourself?! The colours are gorgeous, and I love the flowers.

  3. That is beautiful!

  4. LOL, serves yourself right, you picked everything and made the rules - lol!!!!

    Glad you got to have a play in your journal, love the background and the flowers are great - well done

    Sam xxx


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